Custom Solutions

Since our founding, our great focus has been on individual solutions. We produce case series for many weapon manufacturers and retailers. Our range extends from simple to very high-quality cases.

We develop your case together with you - this way you can really differentiate yourself from all competitors and implement your own ideas.

You can either come to us with a finished concept or just vague ideas. We make them happen.

We produce completely individual series or you can choose from existing Winter designs.

Priority and Quality

Your project is our priority, we are always available to answer any questions, advise you on technical and design aspects and deliver great products


Individual Series

We develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions. We have a large selection of materials and manufacturing techniques at our disposal. From modular bag systems, to precisely tailored case inserts for specialized applications, to completely new concepts. We work closely together with you to develop your product and implement your ideas.


Customized Designs

All of our Jakob Winter models can be equipped with your logo and other design elements. Not only does this save development time so you can release your product earlier, but it also lowers development and tooling costs and lower MOQs on cases or bags are possible.

This means that there are only low development and tool costs and smaller quantities of cases are possible.